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This template is to be placed on the talk page of an article that is currently or was formerly the subject of an educational assignment. More information on these assignments can be found at Wikipedia:Student assignments.

The template automatically places articles into "Category:Wikipedia articles as assignments".


{{Educational assignment|date=|day=|month=|year=|dateformat=|link=}}
Example Result
{{Educational assignment}}
{{Educational assignment|date=2010-06-30|link=Wikipedia:WikiProject Public art}}
{{Educational assignment|date=2010-06-30|dateformat=mdy}}
{{Educational assignment|day=30|month=4|year=2010|link=Wikipedia:School and university projects#School of Law, Singapore Management University: Constitutional and Administrative Law Wikipedia Project (January–April 2010)}}
{{Educational assignment|month=7|year=2010}}
{{Educational assignment|year=2008}}


All the parameters of the template are optional.

Parameter Description
date The date when the educational assignment ended. Enter the date in any method accepted by the template {{date}}, such as "2010-07-01", "1 July 2010" or "July 1, 2010". If you wish to alter the manner in which the date is stated, use the |dateformat= parameter. By default, the template displays dates in a day-month-year format; for a month-day-year format, use "dateformat=mdy". For full instructions on the formats available, see {{date}}. Use either |date= or |day=, |month= and |year= to enter a date, not both.
day Instead of using |date=, you can enter the date when the educational assignment ended using |day=, |month= and |year=. You can also enter only a month and year, or a year alone. Type the month as a numeral (that is, "7" instead of "July").

If you enter only a month and year, or a year alone, the template checks to see if this partial date is earlier than or the same as the current month and/or year. If it is earlier, the template automatically indicates that the article was an educational assignment in the specified month and/or year. Otherwise, it indicates that the article is currently an educational assignment in the specified month and/or year.

link The name of a Wikipedia page where there is a description of the project, like this: "Wikipedia:WikiProject Public art".

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