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Example of the effect of {{England Labelled Map|Londonprefix = Greater|WMsuffix = (region)|caption=Regions of England}}

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This template displays a labelled map of the Regions of England, with each region name linked to a Wikipedia article or category associated with that region. It is intended to provide a navigation template for family of region-related articles or categories about the same subject matter. For example, the links could all take the form "List of rivers in <regionname>".

Links to articles that do not exist will be displayed as red links, following normal practice. (It would be technically possible to make this template hide red links, but that would make the source code rather more complicated.)


All parameters are optional. Without parameters, the links are to the articles named after each region, e.g. "East of England". Note that the Greater London link defaults to "London". To override this to link to "Greater London", use {{England Labelled Map|Londonprefix=Greater}}. Also, the West Midlands link defaults to "West Midlands". To override this to link to "West Midlands (region)", use {{England Labelled Map|WMsuffix=(region)}}.

Parameter Default Usage
width= 370 Overall width of the map. It is recommended to omit this parameter and use the default setting. Small values will not work very well, as the region labels will overlap each other and become illegible.
float= none
  • none: makes the map sit on its own line of the page
  • left: puts the map to the left of the page text
  • right: puts the map to the right of the page text
ns= Namespace for the links, if not the default (article namespace). E.g. :Category: Must begin and end with a colon.
prefix= Text to precede every region name when automatically forming links. E.g. List of rivers in. If this parameter is specified, the word "the" will automatically be appended for the regions "East of England", "West Midlands" and "East Midlands".
suffix= Text to follow every region name when automatically forming links.
Londonprefix= Text to precede "London" when automatically forming the link labelled "London". This overrides prefix if specified. Use this to generate a link including "Greater London".
WMsuffix= Text to follow "West Midlands" when automatically forming its link. This overrides suffix if specified. Use this to generate a link ending in "West Midlands (region)" or "West Midlands region".
North East=

North West=
Yorkshire and the Humber=
East Midlands=
West Midlands=
East of England=
South East=
South West=
Northern Ireland=

Use any or all of these to explicitly specify the name of an article to link to. Do not include square brackets or pipes. None of the prefix or suffix parameters above will be used, but ns still applies. When omitted, links are automatically generated using the prefix and suffix parameters above. The Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland parameters work only if the UK parameter is set.
UK= If non-empty, this adds 3 links, one each for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Adds a caption and a frame. The default is no caption.


Example link Template usage
[[East of England]] {{England Labelled Map|Londonprefix = Greater
|WMsuffix = (region)
This example replicates the behaviour of earlier versions of this template, before 22 April 2012.
[[List of places in the East of England|East of England]] {{England Labelled Map|prefix = List of places in
|WMsuffix = (region)
[[:Category:East of England|East of England.]] {{England Labelled Map|ns = :Category:
|WMsuffix = (region)
[[:Category:People from the East of England|East of England]] {{England Labelled Map|ns = :Category:
|prefix = People from
|WMsuffix = (region)
[[East of England Local Government Association|East of England]] {{England Labelled Map|East of England = East of England Local Government Association
|East Midlands = East Midlands Councils
|North East = Association of North East Councils
|North West = North West Regional Leaders Board
|South East = South East England Councils
|South West = South West Councils
|West Midlands = West Midlands Councils
|Yorkshire and the Humber = Local Government Yorkshire and Humber
|London = London Assembly