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  • I'm sorry to see that you are blocked for edit warring. Many users find themselves confused as to why they were blocked in such a situation as they believed they were acting in the best interest of Wikipedia. What it is important for you to understand is that as far as the edit warring policy is concerned there is no right and wrong in an edit war. Anyone who edit wars is wrong and is blocked to prevent the disruption from continuing. There are very few exceptions, such as reverting blatant vandalism, which is not the case here. We don't allow edit warring because it never helps resolve an issue, and it always makes it worse.

Start hand.svg What to do instead:

  • Mark disputed statements or, if needed, the entire page with appropriate tags
  • Initiate discussion on the talk page (note that edit summaries are not a substitute for actual discussion)
  • If that does not rectify the issue seek page protection and/or dispute resolution as needed.
  • If you follow these simple steps instead of edit warring you will find it is actually relatively easy to avoid edit warring and getting blocked for it.

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  • This template is intended to be used only when a user is already blocked for edit warring, and has commented that they do not understand why they were blocked, believing that consensus, NPOV or some other policy was protecting them from being sanctioned for edit warring. It is not a warning and should not be used on talk pages of users not currently blocked.
  • It can be added as part of an unblock decline, or placed by any user who sees a remark from the blocked user indicating they don't understand the reasons for the block.

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