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This template is generated by {{Expand language}}. It is used to mark articles that are better in French Wikipedia than in English Wikipedia, and thus should be translated from French into English.


To mark an article, tag it near the end (bottom) with

{{Expand French|Frencharticletitle|date=March 2017}}

This template marks an opportunity, not a fault. It is less important than a stub mark. Therefore it should not be used as an urgent warning in the beginning of articles.

This template places articles in the category Category:Articles needing translation from French Wikipedia.

Because of this, the template should be added to the article page, and not to the Talk page.

Optional parameters

Foreign language featured articles can be marked using fa=yes, as in

{{Expand French|fa=yes|date=March 2017}}

Topics can be indicated using the topic= parameter. Doing so will place them in a subcategory. For example

{{Expand French|Abancourt, Oise|topic=geo}}

This template places articles in the category Category:Geography articles needing translation from French Wikipedia.

Topics recognised are:

value topic
bio Biography
culture Culture
geo Geography
gov Government and politics
hist History
mil Military
pacommune Pyrénées-Atlantiques communes
sci Science
sport Sports
struct Building and structure
tech Technology
transport Transport