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External link

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Note: This template is currently for experimental/testing purposes only.


Named parameters

  • url: HTTP link for the site or page.
  • name: Name to use for the HTTP link. Defaults to the name of the wiki page where this template is transcluded. |name=Example link produces: Example link
    • name-style: Can be used to define a custom text style for the |name= parameter or the default text.
  • site: Name of the parent site. Can be wikilinked. |site=[[|Example website]] produces: External link at Example website
    • site-style: Can be used to define a custom text style for the |site= parameter.
  • official: Define if the link is the official website for the topic. |official=y produces: External link (official website)
  • language: The |language= parameter accepts an ISO 639 language code. |language=eo produces: External link (in Esperanto) English is the default language, and does not need to be noted using this template, unless there is a reason the reader would assume the link to be in a foreign language (e.g. a foreign title).
  • registration: Define if the link requires registration. |registration=y produces: External link (requires registration)
  • subscription: Define if the link requires a subscription. |subscription=y produces: External link (requires subscription)
  • flash: Define if the link requires Adobe Flash. |flash=y produces: External link (requires Adobe Flash)
  • plugin: Define if the link requires a browser plugin. |plugin=y produces: External link (requires plugin)
  • requires: Can be used to describe other website requirements not covered by one of the above parameters. Can be wikilinked. |requires=requires a [[web browser]] produces: External link (requires a web browser)
  • requires-style: Can be used to override the text style used by the |official=, |language=, |registration=, |subscription=, |flash=, |plugin=, and |requires= parameters.
  • template: Name of the calling template, used for error messages. Example: |template=External link template name
  • text: Text used between the |name= and |site= parameters. Defaults to: |text= at
    • text-style: Can be used to define a custom text style for the |text= parameter or the default text used between |name= and |site=.
  • notext: Can be used to omit the text between |name= and |site= parameters. Placing any value after |notext= (e.g. |notext=y) will omit the text. {{External link |url= |name=''Example link'' |site= from [[|Example website]] |notext=y}} produces: Example link from Example website

Unnamed parameters

  • 1  – url
  • 2  – name
  • 3  – site


  • {{External link|}} produces:
External link
  • {{External link||Example link}} produces:
Example link
  • {{External link||Example link|[[|Example website]]}} produces:
Example link at Example website

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