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1. posterior segment2. ora serrata3. ciliary muscle4. ciliary zonules5. Schlemm's canal6. pupil7. anterior chamber8. cornea9. iris10. lens cortex11. lens nucleus12. ciliary process13. conjunctiva14. inferior oblique muscle15. inferior rectus muscle16. medial rectus muscle17. retinal arteries and veins18. optic disc19. dura mater20. central retinal artery21. central retinal vein22. optic nerve23. vorticose vein24. bulbar sheath25. macula26. fovea27. sclera28. choroid29. superior rectus muscle30. retina
  1. posterior segment
  2. ora serrata
  3. ciliary muscle
  4. ciliary zonules
  5. Schlemm's canal
  6. pupil
  7. anterior chamber
  8. cornea
  9. iris
  10. lens cortex
  11. lens nucleus
  12. ciliary process
  13. conjunctiva
  14. inferior oblique muscule
  15. inferior rectus muscule
  16. medial rectus muscle
  17. retinal arteries and veins
  18. optic disc
  19. dura mater
  20. central retinal artery
  21. central retinal vein
  22. optic nerve
  23. vorticose vein
  24. bulbar sheath
  25. macula
  26. fovea
  27. sclera
  28. choroid
  29. superior rectus muscule
  30. retina