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[[Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/{{{list}}}/archive{{{number}}}|{{{list}}}]][edit]

Hello FLC archived, I leave you this notice to let you know that your [[Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/{{{list}}}/archive{{{number}}}|FLC nomination]] of [[{{{list}}}]] has been closed as archived. This usually means that consensus for promotion was not achieved. Therefore, I encourage you to re-nominate the list whenever you find it advantageous for you, and gather more interested reviewers next time, so that a proper consensus can be achieved. Regards.  ~~~~

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This template is designed to be posted on the talk pages of nominators of FLCs that were closed as archived (e.g. not promoted). It should be used this way:

{{subst:FLC archived

|list= List name (example, List of Tomb Raider video games)
|number= Nomination number. If the nomination page ends with /archive3, then the number is 3.