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Factiva {{{1}}}

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This template identifies a single publication archived at Factiva. It takes one parameter: the document ID.

This template is not designed to generate a full citation to the underlying document, which would include an author, date, and title. It may be used inside the "id" field of a {{Citation}} template, which does include bibliographic information. See Wikipedia:Citation templates.


Factiva ID
  • Usage: {{Factiva|RESN000020070602e3610000m}}
  • Renders as: Factiva RESN000020070602e3610000m
Citation with a Factiva ID
  • Usage: {{Citation |last=Mangu-Ward |first=Katherine |date=1 June 2007 |title=Wikipedia and Beyond |journal=Reason |volume=39 |issue=2 |id={{Factiva|RESN000020070602e3610000m}}}}
  • Renders as: Mangu-Ward, Katherine (1 June 2007), "Wikipedia and Beyond", Reason 39 (2), Factiva RESN000020070602e3610000m 
Citation with a Factiva ID, in addition to a freely accessible URL

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