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> IBM M44/44X
>> CP-40/CMSCP[-67]/CMS  VM/370 → VM/SE versions → VM/SP versions → VM/XA versions → VM/ESAz/VM
> TSS/360
> TSO for MVT → for OS/VS2 → for MVS → ... → for z/OS
>> MULTICS and most other time-sharing platforms
Template documentation

This simplified framework provides links to major time-sharing systems that influenced or were influenced by CP/CMS. Many other important systems emerged during this period; cf. Manchester/Ferranti Atlas, Burroughs, Control Data Corporation, DEC, and Honeywell for examples. Also see time-sharing system evolution.


This template appears in a number of articles referenced in the table, and provides links to various closely-related operating systems. Communicate with the author at: Trevor Hanson 23:04, 8 December 2006 (UTC)