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Template:Fb fm match (Football - friendly match - match)

t  : team that the table is about
m  : match sequence number
ma  : match article (if exist)
d  : match's date c = match's competition
c  : competition / tour
g  : ground; H = home; A = away; N = neutral
gn  : ground name (if g=N)
away_link : wikilink to away venue, use if g==A and ol is being used ol  : direct wikilink to opponent team; use this or the "o" parameter
o  : opponent team
gf  : goals for
ga  : goals against
pen : penalty shoot-out score (if match decided this way)
sc  : scorers (use when enabled in Template:Fb cm header; when using, if there is no scorers leave empty "sc=")
nn  : note number