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This template determines whether a topic is good or featured, and is used by various related templates.

Each call to a new topic using this template will use three expensive parser function calls. This means that only 133 different topics can be listed on a page before the page goes over the limit of 500 expensive parser function calls per page (not counting other expensive function calls that might be used).


{{FeaturedTopicSum|topic|if featured topic|if good topic}}

The first parameter is the name of the topic, e.g. "Norid" for Wikipedia:Featured topics/Norid. The second parameter is what to output if the topic is featured, and the third parameter is what to output otherwise. (It is assumed that the topic is a Good Topic if it is not featured.)

If any of the values include an equals sign ("=") then you must specify the parameter name explicitly, like this:

{{FeaturedTopicSum|1=topic|2=if featured topic|3=if good topic}}