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This template provides a list of useful links to financial and industry tracking websites for companies, both public and private.


This template should be placed in the External links section, preferably after any official or specialist links.

Sites included

Depending on availability of information, this template provides links to the following services:

  1. Google Finance
  2. Yahoo! Finance
  3. Bloomberg
  4. Reuters
  5. SEC filings at the Securities and Exchange Commission


(optional, will take the page name) The name of the company as you would like it to appear in each link. This is usually the full, official name of the company, such as Microsoft Corporation or Google, Inc.
The stock market symbol for public companies. This is the only field necessary for public companies to generate most of the links, with the exception of Hoover's and corporate filings from the SEC. For example: MSFT for Microsoft or GOOG for Google. To not display the Reuters link, do not specify this field, instead specify each other link that should be included; see example below.
The SEC CIK (Central Index Key) is an identifier assigned by the Securities and Exchange Commission to all public companies. To find the CIK for any public company, search for the company name at The CIK code is listed directly on the search results page, to the left of the company name. Any leading zeros may be removed from this number. For example, the search results for a query of "microsoft" returns two entries. The relevant entry is listed as "MICROSOFT CORP" and has a CIK of 789019 (with 4 leading zeros removed).
The Google Finance ID. Only use this field for private companies; the stock symbol is sufficient for generating the Google Finance link to public companies. To find a Google Finance ID for a private company, search for the company name at Once you have found the company, if it is listed, check the page address for the cid variable. If you do not have a cid variable in your URL, you may need to click on Find more results for <company name> and re-select the company from the results. The value of the cid variable is the Google Finance ID. For example, the address for U.S. Robotics Corporation is, so the Google Finance ID is 9605236.
Ticker symbol. Generates a Yahoo! Finance link.


Public company

{{Finance links
| name = Microsoft Corporation  <!-- can be removed, will take the page name -->
| symbol = MSFT
| sec_cik = 789019
| yahoo = MSFT
| google = MSFT
| bloomberg = MSFT:US

Appears as:

Private company

{{Finance links
| name = U.S. Robotics Corporation
| google = 9605236
| yahoo = 101/101968

Appears as: