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WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors
WikiProject icon A member of the Guild of Copy Editors reviewed a version of this article for copy editing. However, a major copy edit was inappropriate at that time because of the issues specified below, or the other tags now found on this article. Once these issues have been addressed, and any related tags have been cleared, please tag the article once again for {{copyedit}}. The Guild welcomes all editors with a good grasp of English. Visit our project page if you are interested in joining!
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Use this template on an article's talk page whenever a member of the Guild of Copy Editors reviews an article for which a copyedit has been requested, but determines that a copyedit is not appropriate due to the need for further cleanup or writing. Relevant cleanup tags should be added to the article, in place of the {{copyedit}} tag, to indicate the necessary changes.
{{GOCEreviewed |user= |date= |small= |issues= }}


  • |user= The name of the user who reviewed the article, without linking or including the User: prefix.
  • |date= The date that the review was conducted.
  • |small= Answer "yes" to make the template into a sidebar as another way to save space.
  • |issues= Optional parameter, adds the line
    Please address the following issues as well as any other cleanup tags before re-tagging this article with copyedit: your issues go here
    to the bottom of the message.
  • |category= SHOULD NOT NORMALLY BE USED Answer "no" to prevent the page from appearing in Category:Articles reviewed by the Guild of Copy Editors (usually when the template is being used as an example).

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