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General Category (Unicode Character Property)[a]
Value Category Major, minor Basic type[b] Character assigned[b] Count
(as of 13.0)
Letter (L)
Lu Letter, uppercase Graphic Character 1,791
Ll Letter, lowercase Graphic Character 2,155
Lt Letter, titlecase Graphic Character 31 Ligatures containing uppercase followed by lowercase letters (e.g., Dž, Lj, Nj, and Dz)
Lm Letter, modifier Graphic Character 260 A modifier letter
Lo Letter, other Graphic Character 127,004 An ideograph or a letter in a unicase alphabet
Mark (M)
Mn Mark, nonspacing Graphic Character 1,839
Mc Mark, spacing combining Graphic Character 443
Me Mark, enclosing Graphic Character 13
Number (N)
Nd Number, decimal digit Graphic Character 650 All these, and only these, have Numeric Type = De[c]
Nl Number, letter Graphic Character 236 Numerals composed of letters or letterlike symbols (e.g., Roman numerals)
No Number, other Graphic Character 895 E.g., vulgar fractions, superscript and subscript digits
Punctuation (P)
Pc Punctuation, connector Graphic Character 10 Includes "_" underscore
Pd Punctuation, dash Graphic Character 25 Includes several hyphen characters
Ps Punctuation, open Graphic Character 75 Opening bracket characters
Pe Punctuation, close Graphic Character 73 Closing bracket characters
Pi Punctuation, initial quote Graphic Character 12 Opening quotation mark. Does not include the ASCII "neutral" quotation mark. May behave like Ps or Pe depending on usage
Pf Punctuation, final quote Graphic Character 10 Closing quotation mark. May behave like Ps or Pe depending on usage
Po Punctuation, other Graphic Character 593
Symbol (S)
Sm Symbol, math Graphic Character 948 Mathematical symbols (e.g., +, , =, ×, ÷, , , ). Does not include parentheses and brackets, which are in categories Ps and Pe. Also does not include !, *, -, or /, which despite frequent use as mathematical operators, are primarily considered to be "punctuation".
Sc Symbol, currency Graphic Character 62 Currency symbols
Sk Symbol, modifier Graphic Character 123
So Symbol, other Graphic Character 6,431
Separator (Z)
Zs Separator, space Graphic Character 17 Includes the space, but not TAB, CR, or LF, which are Cc
Zl Separator, line Format Character 1 Only U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR (LSEP)
Zp Separator, paragraph Format Character 1 Only U+2029 PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR (PSEP)
Other (C)
Cc Other, control Control Character 65 (will never change)[c] No name,[d] <control>
Cf Other, format Format Character 161 Includes the soft hyphen, joining control characters (zwnj and zwj), control characters to support bi-directional text, and language tag characters
Cs Other, surrogate Surrogate Not (but abstract) 2,048 (will never change)[c] No name,[d] <surrogate>
Co Other, private use Private-use Not (but abstract) 137,468 total (will never change)[c] (6,400 in BMP, 131,068 in Planes 15–16) No name,[d] <private-use>
Cn Other, not assigned Noncharacter Not 66 (will never change)[c] No name,[d] <noncharacter>
Reserved Not 830,606 No name,[d] <reserved>
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General Category is a Unicode character property, defined in Chapter 4 of the Unicode Standard: "Character Properties".


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