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This is the {{Given name}} template.

Place {{Given name}} at the bottom of given name pages. Do not use this template on a disambiguation page that lists people by given name and also lists other topics. Instead categorize the disambiguation page by including the given name parameter with the {{Disambiguation}} template. For example, {{Disambiguation|given name}}. This will include the disambiguation page in Category:Disambiguation pages with given-name-holder lists.

By default, articles that include this template will be auto-categorized into Category:Given names. To override this functionality:

  • Use cat=name of category when the category should be changed to something else.
         Example: {{Given name|cat=Welsh given names}}
  • Use cat=none when no category should be included at all (e.g. when using as an example in discussion or template documentation).
         Example: {{Given name|cat=none}}

If it's just for a section, you can say so:

     Example: {{Given name|section=y}}

Multiple categories are also possible. To accomplish this, use cat1= for the first category, cat2= for the second, and so on.

     Example: {{Given name|cat1=Welsh given names|cat2=English given names}}

Pages that include both given names and family names may be tagged with type=both. This adjusts the displayed text accordingly, and obviates the need to include multiple templates.

     Example: {{Given name|type=both}}

However, category names must still be provided in full.

     Example: {{Given name|type=both|cat1=Welsh given names|cat2=Welsh surnames}}

See also

  • {{Hndis}} – For disambiguation pages that list articles associated with the same personal name
  • {{Nickname}} – For nickname pages or sections of disambiguation pages that list people by nicknames
  • {{Surname}} – For surname pages or sections of disambiguation pages that list people by family name
  • {{R from given name}} – Add to redirects instead of {{Given name}}
  • {{Given name links}} – Aids searching for articles related to a given name