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This template is intended to be used in conjunction with Template:Gnr to provide an easy way of referencing certain sources. Gnn stands for graphic novel note and is used to create the references linked to from inline citations created manually or using {{gnr}}.

This system is intended for and should only be used on pages where a single set graphic novels, such as very long manga series, are cited very often. And (in line with WP:CITE) it should not be introduced into an article without consensus to do so.


  • |ref= The reference text, as you would provide it in a normal reference. Parts that would be the same for all references can be omitted and placed above the whole of the references created using this template.
  • |vol= The volume number of the graphic novel, if available.
  • Additionally, you should add the chapter numbers of the chapters included in the cited volume in the form of unnamed parameters, starting with the first and ending with the last.


This is a fact.{{gnr|ch|4}} This is also a fact.{{gnr|vol|2}} This is a third fact.{{gnr|ch|17|f.}} This is a fourth fact.{{gnr|vol|5|:extras}} And a fifth fact.{{gnr|vol|2|:6 (ja)}} And one last.{{gnr|ch|19|, |36|–|38}}

This is a fact.[ch. 4] This is also a fact.[vol. 2] This is a third fact.[ch. 17f.] This is a fourth fact.[vol. 5:extras] And a fifth fact.[vol. 2:6 (ja)] And one last.[ch. 19, 3638]

;Entire series
*[[Eiichiro Oda|Oda, Eiichiro]]. ''One Piece''. 61 vols. San Francisco: [[Viz Media]], 2003–2012.
*Oda, Eiichiro. ''ワンピース [One Piece]'' (in Japanese). 65 vols. Tokyo: [[Shueisha]], 1997–2012.

;Individual volumes
*{{gnn|ref=''[[Romance Dawn (manga volume)|Romance Dawn]]''. June 2003. {{ISBN|1-56931-901-4}}. and ''[[Romance Dawn —冒険の夜明け—]]'' (in Japanese). December 1997. {{ISBN|4-08-872509-3}}.|vol=1|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8}}
*{{gnn|ref=''[[Buggy the Clown (manga volume)|Buggy the Clown]]''. November 2003. {{ISBN|1-59116-057-X}}. and ''[[Versus!! バギー海賊団]]'' (in Japanese). April 1998. {{ISBN|4-08-872544-1}}.|vol=2|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17}}
*{{gnn|ref=''[[Don't Get Fooled Again]]''. March 2004. {{ISBN|1-59116-184-3}}. and ''[[偽れぬもの]]'' (in Japanese). June 1998. {{ISBN|4-08-872569-7}}.|vol=3|18|19|20|21|22|23|24|25|26}}
*{{gnn|ref=''[[The Black Cat Pirates (manga volume)|The Black Cat Pirates]]''. July 2004. {{ISBN|1-59116-337-4}}. and ''[[三日月]]'' (in Japanese). August 1998. {{ISBN|4-08-872594-8}}.|vol=4|27|28|29|30|31|32|33|34|35}}
*{{gnn|ref=''[[For Whom the Bell Tolls (manga volume)|For Whom the Bell Tolls]]''. November 2004. {{ISBN|1-59116-615-2}}. and ''[[誰が為に鐘は鳴る]]'' (in Japanese). October 1998. {{ISBN|4-08-872619-7}}.|vol=5|36|37|38|39|40|41|42|43|44}}
Entire series
  • Oda, Eiichiro. One Piece. 61 vols. San Francisco: Viz Media, 2003–2012.
  • Oda, Eiichiro. ワンピース [One Piece] (in Japanese). 65 vols. Tokyo: Shueisha, 1997–2012.
Individual volumes

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