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[ Gsvlink on Google Street View]

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  • For providing links to the site an article is about on Google Street View
  • Should be used in articles about specific points that are covered by Google Street View in which the article title describes that point of the link
  • In most cases, this template should be used in the external links section of an article
  • Only use if you can clearly find the named point on Street View from an exact address or location search. Do not do your own original research or guesswork to determine the location.

How to use[edit]

  • In order for this template to work, you must add URL= after the |
  • To find the correct URL, go to the location of the point on Google Maps and select the Street View image. Navigate to the best possible angle at which the site is visible. Click the word "link" to the top-right of the map, and copy-paste the URL under the words "Paste link in email or IM" after the "URL="



This is the URL for the United States Capitol. It'll post the words "United States Capitol on Google Street View" in the finished version when added to that page.

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