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This template creates an inline hCard microformat for a person, with their date of birth (and optionally age, if living), using either {{birth date}} or {{birth date and age}}.

For inline hCards for a building, organisation or place, see {{Hcard-geo}}).


The template has six parameters:

  1. name = the person's name (becomes hCard's "fn" class).
  2. template type = "birth date" (emits data formatted in hCard's bday class)
  3. birth year = four digits
  4. birth month = two digits
  5. birth day = two digits
  6. birthplace (will be wikilinked in output)


{{hcard-bday-place|'''Marc Blume'''|birth date|1973|12|28|Lüdinghausen}} is a [[Germans|German]] sprinter.


Marc Blume (born (1973-12-28)December 28, 1973 in Lüdinghausen) is a German sprinter.

Note that there is no line break after the closing }}