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Template documentation

This template can be used to specify one or more playing cards in the suit of hearts.


The following are equivalent:

  1. {{}}, {{Diams}}, {{diams}}, {{Diamonds}}, {{diamonds}}.
  2. {{}}, {{Clubs}}, {{clubs}}, {{Club}}, {{club}}.
  3. {{}}, {{Spades}}, {{spades}}, {{Spade}}, {{spade}}
  4. {{}}, {{Hearts}}, {{hearts}}


Suit alone
{{♥}} gives:
Single card
{{♥|A}} gives: A♥; alternatively, A{{♥}} gives: A
Multiple cards
{{♥|AKQJ}} gives: AKQJ♥; alternatively, AKQJ{{♥}} gives: AKQJ

Contract bridge notation

In bridge:

  • bids during the auction are described by a number from one to seven followed by a suit denomination, e.g. 7 is a bid of seven clubs.
  • individual cards are referred to by their suit denomination followed by their rank, e.g. 7 is the seven of clubs.
  • bridge hands are described using one of several templates listed in Category:Contract bridge templates such as {{BridgeHandInline}}, e.g. {{BridgeHandInline|AJ3|K974|J74|KQ6}} renders  AJ3  K974  J74  KQ6