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This template will expand to "his" or "her" based on a user's gender. It will obtain the user's gender from the user's preferences and expand to form "his" (male), "her" (female), or "his or her" (unspecified).


{{his or her|SomeUser}} When it is wanted to use this to start a sentence, you need to wrap the template in an {{ucfirst:...}} container to capitalize the first letter.


This text ... User B loves {{his or her|B}} Hokies
results in ... User B loves his Hokies
This text ... {{ucfirst:{{his or her|B}}}} Hokies are the best
results in ... His Hokies are the best

See also[edit]

Pronoun templates
Template Male Female Not specified
{{he or she}} he she he or she
{{him or her}} him her him or her
{{his or her}} his her his or her
{{his or hers}} his hers his or hers
{{them}} him her them
{{they}} he she they
{{their}} his her their
{{theirs}} his hers theirs
{{him/her}} him her him/her
{{he/she}} he she he/she
{{his/her}} his her his/her
{{pronoun}} (See template documentation for parameters)
{{gender}} (See template documentation for parameters)
{{ucfirst:{{he or she}}}} He She He or she
{{ucfirst:{{his or her}}}} His Her His or her
{{ucfirst:{{his or hers}}}} His Hers His or hers
{{ucfirst:{{they}}}} He She They
{{ucfirst:{{their}}}} His Her Their
{{ucfirst:{{theirs}}}} His Hers Theirs
{{ucfirst:{{he/she}}}} He She He/she
{{ucfirst:{{him/her}}}} Him Her Him/her
{{ucfirst:{{his/her}}}} His Her His/her