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These references will appear in the article, but this list appears only on this page.
  1. ^ "IBAF World Rankings" (PDF). International Baseball Federation. 1 December 2010. Retrieved 6 December 2010. 
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This template and its associated subpages are designed to simplify the use of references with regards to the IBAF World Rankings. They provide a way of removing the definitions of the references from the article pages, while also ensuring that all pages that use the references are accurate by needing to update or correct information in only one place, rather than several different pages some of which may be left out of any manual process.


To allow for multiple uses of the references within an article, this template is best used within the {{Reflist}} template:

{{reflist | refs=
{{IBAF World Rankings ref/2010 June}}

This produces a named reference that can then be used anywhere in the article:

Here is some example text that needs to be sourced.<ref name="ibaf rankings jun10"/>

Each version of the template follows a consistent format, and produces <ref> tags consistently:

Version Produces
{{IBAF World Rankings ref/yyyy Mmmm}} <ref name="ibaf rankings mmmyy"/>
{{IBAF World Rankings ref/2010 June}} <ref name="ibaf rankings jun10"/>
  • mmm = 3 letter abbreviation for the month name, all in lower case
  • Mmmm = the full name of the month, first letter capitalized, rest of name in lower case
  • yy = 2 digit number for the year
  • yyyy = 4 digit number for the year

If no date is provided in the template - i.e. its called as {{IBAF World Rankings ref}} - then the most recent Rankings reference will be used.


The template can be used directly within the text, rather than within the {{Reflist}} template. However, if any of the individual references are to be used more than once in the article, its recommended the respective template only be used once, with the other statements referenced using the <ref> tag: this ensures that multiple links are provided within the reference list.

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