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 This article incorporates material that is free to use from websites or documents of the {{{agency}}}.

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This template is designed to be a meta-template, used to construct general attribution message templates like {{USGS}}, only for material that is free to use rather than public domain. It could be used directly in an article.


  • agency (required) - name of agency (or reference source) that produced material
  • materialtype (required) - what kind of material this is. Default is "material that is free to use"
  • policy (optional) - URL of re-use policy of agency or reference source
  • comment (optional) - free field that produces parenthesized comment at end
  • url (optional) - URL of reference
  • article (optional) - the title of the reference
  • author (optional) - author of reference
  • accessdate (optional) - date page last checked
  • categorizein (optional) - If present, adds the page to category "Wikipedia articles incorporating text from <categorizein>"


Code Produces Comments

|agency=[[World Intellectual Property Organization]]
|url=http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/standards/en/pdf/03-03-01.pdf|article=WIPO ST.3}}

 This article incorporates material that is free to use from the World Intellectual Property Organization document "WIPO ST.3". Example with a specific linked document and policy

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