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Gendun Drup
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Tenzin Gyatso
14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
Dalai Lama 1430 Luca Galuzzi 2007crop.jpg
Characteristic hands-raised anjali greeting
Reign 17 November 1950 – present
Predecessor Thubten Gyatso
Tibetan བསྟན་འཛིན་རྒྱ་མཚོ
Wylie bstan ’dzin rgya mtsho
Pronunciation tɛ̃tsĩ catsʰo (IPA)
Dainzin Gyaco
THDL Tenzin Gyatso
Chinese 丹增嘉措
Pinyin Dānzēng Jiācuò
Father Choekyong Tsering
Mother Diki Tsering
Born (1935-07-06) 6 July 1935 (age 82)
Taktser, Amdo[1]


  1. ^ At the time of Tenzin Gyatso's birth, Qinghai was under the control of Ma Lin, a warlord allied with Chiang Kai-shek and appointed governor of Qinghai Province by the Kuomintang. See Li, T.T. "Historical Status of Tibet", Columbia University Press, p179 ; Bell, Charles, "Portrait of the Dalai Lama", p399; Goldstein, Melvyn C. Goldstein, A history of modern Tibet, pp315-317