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Predecessor {{{Predecessor}}}
Successor {{{Successor}}}
Dynasty {{{Dynasty}}}
Pharaoh {{{Pharaoh}}}
Father {{{Father}}}
Mother {{{Mother}}}
Children {{{Children}}}
Burial {{{Burial}}}
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Full description[edit]

{{Infobox Egyptian dignitary
| Name        = Required. The name of the dignitary. If not specified, uses the name of the article
| Style       = The title of the dignitary; the position he held
| Image       = An image for the dignitary. Do not put brackets around the filename
| Caption     = Caption for the image
| Predecessor = The man who filled the dignitary's role before him
| Successor   = The man who filled the dignitary's role after him
| Dynasty     = The [[Egyptian dynasty]] in which the dignitary lived
| Pharaoh     = The pharaoh under which the dignitary served
| Father      = The name of the dignitary's father
| Mother      = The name of the dignitary's mother
| Wife        = The name of the digniatry's wife
| Children    = A list of the dignitary's children's names
| Burial      = Where the dignitary was interred

Blank template (all fields)[edit]

{{Infobox Egyptian dignitary
| Name        =
| Style       =
| Image       =
| Caption     =
| Predecessor =
| Successor   =
| Dynasty     =
| Pharaoh     =
| Father      =
| Mother      =
| Wife        =
| Children    =
| Burial      =


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See also[edit]

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