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Infobox Militärische Einheit
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This infobox is designed to display the basic data and emblems of German military units and particularly to aid translation of the numerous German Wikipedia articles which use the infobox from which this is derived.

It will save man-years of effort in laboriously converting and translating every infobox separately.

Please note that the documentation and some parameters are still being translated.


The basic template is shown below:

{{Infobox Militärische Einheit
<!-- Kommandeure -->
<!-- Insignien -->
<!-- Luftfahrzeuge -->


  • Name (Name) – The name of the unit. If left blank the title of the article will be used.
  • Bild (Image) – optional – An image of the unit's insignia or emblem, if available. If not available other pictures may be used. The data must be entered in the form [[File:example.jpg|300px]]; the thumb attribute must not be used.
  • Bezeichnung (Caption) – optional – The image caption. For example, the unit insignia.
  • Daten (Dates) – The time span (normally in years), in which the unit was active. Alternatively start and end dates may be entered using the Startdatum and Enddatum parameters. On entering both values the display is Active: Start date–End date. On entering just the start date (Startdatum) the display is Formation: start date.
  • Land (Country) – optional – Name of the country to which the unit belongs.
  • Streitkräfte (Armed forces) – optional – Name of the armed forces to which the unit belongs. In Germany, for example, the Bundeswehr.
  • Teilstreitkraft (Service) – optional – Name of the service to which the unit belongs. Normally: Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard etc.
  • Teilstreitkraft_Bezeichnung (Service role) - optional - The role of the service. Default is Armed service. Example: Military organisation.
  • Truppengattung (Branch) – optional – The branch of service to which the unit belongs, e. g. cavalry, artillery, infantry etc. Specific categories may be entered (light cavalry etc.).
  • Typ (Type)– optional – Typical strategic or tactical employment of the unit, e. g. shock troops, special forces, armoured infantry or indication of force category; or indication of type of organisation e.g. air tstreitkraft, etc.
  • Gliederung (Organisation) optional displays overall organisation where subordinate units do not fit
  • Unterstellte_Einheiten (Subordinate units) – optional – The subordinate elements of the unit. Display is Subordinate units
  • Mannstärke (Strength) – This can be the average or total strength.
  • Teil_von (Part of) – optional – The superior formation(s) of which the unit is a part. Display is Higher formation
  • Stationierungsort (Location) – optional – The location of the unit's base.
  • Stationierungsort_Bezeichnung (Location description) – optional – The description of the unit's location as required, e. g. staff headquarters, field location, theatre of operations, etc. Default is location.
  • Spitzname (Nickname) – optional – The unit nickname.
  • Schutzpatron (Patron) – optional – The patron after whom the unit is named or who is the person who sponsors the unit.
  • Motto (Motto) – optional – The official motto of the unit, with translation if necessary.
  • Farben (Colours) – optional – The colours of the unit.
  • Farben Bezeichnung (Colours description) – optional – Description for the colours. Standard is colours.
  • Marsch (March) – optional – The unit's ceremonial march.
  • Maskottchen (Mascot) – optional – The official or unofficial mascot of the unit.
  • Ausrüstung (Equipment) – optional – For units that are associated strongly with a specific equipment or vehicle, such as armour, artillery or aircraft
  • Ausrüstung_Bezeichnung (Equipment description) – optional – The description of the equipment. Standard is equipment. Other examples: Main weapon systems, boats, helicopters, etc.
  • Schlachten (Battles) – optional – Important battles or wars in which the unit participated.
  • Schlachten_Bezeichnung (Battle description) – optional – Description for the battles. Default is battles. Other examples: operations, missions, etc.
  • Jahrestage (Anniversaries) – optional – Anniversaries celebrated by the unit.
  • Auszeichnungen (Decorations) – optional – Decorations received by the unit as a whole.
  • battle_honours (battle_honours) – optionalBattle Honours, that the unit has received.
  • Leitung_Bezeichnung (Leadership description) optional Titl for the following fields, e.g. Commandant, Commander, Headquarters staff, Captain, etc. Default if field left blank is Commander
  • Kommandeur1 (Commander1) – optional – Commander of the unit
  • Kommandeur1_Bezeichnung (Commander1 Description) – optional – Description of the commander, e. g. battalion commander, company commander, etc. Default is current commander.
  • Kommandeur2 (Commander2) – optional – as above
  • Kommandeur2_Bezeichnung (Commander2 Description) – optional – as above
  • Kommandeur3 (Commander3) – optional – as above
  • Kommandeur3_Bezeichnung (Commander3 Description) – optional – as above
  • Wichtige_Kommandeure (Significant commanders) – optional – commanders of particular significance in the history of the unit
  • Identifikationssymboloptional – identification symbol for the unit, e. g. photo of troop flag, standards, tactical symbol, capbadge, logo, etc.
  • Identifikationssymbol_Bezeichnungoptional – Description of the above-mentioned, e. g. tactical symbol
  • Identifikationssymbol2optional – as above
  • Identifikationssymbol2_Bezeichnungoptional – as above
  • Identifikationssymbol3optional – as above
  • Identifikationssymbol3_Bezeichnungoptional – as above


4. Alpini-Fallschirmjägerregiment
CoA mil ITA rgt alpini 004.png
Active 1 Nov 1882–8 Sep 1943
1 Jan 1946–10 Oct 1975
25 Sep 2004–today
Country  Italy
Branch Coat of arms of the Esercito Italiano.svg Esercito Italiano
Type mountain paratroopers
Role Alpini
Size 580 men
Part of 1935–1943
CoA mil ITA div Tridentina.jpg 2. Alpini Div. Taurinense
CoA mil ITA brg Taurinense.jpg Taurinense Brigade
CoA mil ITA cdo Comalp.jpg Mountain troops command
Garrison/HQ Bozen (South Tirol)
Motto(s) In adversa ultra adversa
Mai strac
Anniversaries 18 May 1917 – Battle of Monte Vodice

First World War

Battle of Monte Adamello
Battle of Monte Vodice
Battle of Monte Solarolo
Battle of Monte Grappa
Battle of Monte Nero
Battle of Monte Pasubio
Battle of Cosmagnon

Second World War

Battle of Nikolajewka