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{{{name}}} (defunct)
Sport {{{sport}}}
Conference {{{conference}}}
Number of teams {{{number_of_teams}}}
Format {{{format}}}
Current stadium {{{current_stadium}}}
Current location {{{current_location}}}
Played {{{years}}}
Last contest {{{most_recent}}}
{{{current_champion_label}}} {{{current_champion}}}
Most championships {{{most_championships}}}
Most championship
games won
Winner trophy {{{trophy}}}
TV partner(s) {{{television}}}
Official website {{{website}}}
Host stadiums
Host locations


{{Infobox NCAA conference tournament
| name                   = 
| optional_subheader     = 
| defunct                = 
| image                  = 
| caption                = 
| sport                  = 
| conference             = 
| number_of_teams        = 
| format                 = 
| current_stadium        = 
| current_location       = 
| years                  = 
| most_recent            = 
| current_champion_label = 
| current_champion       = 
| most_championships     = 
| trophy                 = 
| television             = 
| website                = 
| sponsors               = 
| all_stadiums           = 
| all_locations          = 


{{Infobox NCAA conference tournament
| name                   = <!-- Name displayed at top -->
| optional_subheader     = <!-- Subheader to top name -->
| defunct                = <!-- DO NOT type anything here unless game is no longer played -->
| image                  = 
| caption                = <!-- Caption for image -->
| sport                  = <!-- Basketball, baseball, football, etc. -->
| conference             = <!-- Name of conference -->
| number_of_teams        = 
| format                 = <!-- Format of tournament (Single elimination, double elimination, round robin, etc. -->
| current_stadium        = 
| current_location       = 
| years                  = 
| most_recent            = <!-- Most recent tournament played -->
| current_champion_label = <!-- Defaults to "Current champion" if left blank. Optional, for situations where "Defending champion" is a better display option -->
| current_champion       = 
| most_championships     = <!-- Change to most_champion_games if you would like '''Most Championship<br />Games Won''' displayed
instead of the standard '''Most Championships''' (if you fear confusion with pre-championship game championships) -->
| trophy                 = <!-- If a trophy is awarded to the champion, put what it is in this field -->
| television             = 
| website                = 
| sponsors               = 
| all_stadiums           = <!-- All stadiums that have hosted the tournament (if more than current) -->
| all_locations          = <!-- All locations that have hosted the tournament (if more than current) -->

This template adds the article to Category:College football bowls. Those bowls which are defunct are instead added to Category:Defunct college football bowls.


In example, <ref>s are not shown.

Field Instructions Example
name Name of the college tournament. Typically this should also be the name of the article.
SEC Men's Basketball Tournament
optional_subheader Anything that would describe more fully the article or infobox.
Conference championship basketball tournament
defunct If the tournament is defunct, type anything in this field to add the "defunct" status to the infobox. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
image Type the name of the image that has the name of the bowl in it here with brackets, and any pixel modifiers you would like to use.
[[Image:SEC new logo.png|200px]]
caption Type the image caption here.
SEC tournament logo
sport The type of sport being competed in.
conference The sports conference.
[[Southeastern Conference]]
number_of_teams Number of teams competing in tournament.
format Format of the tournament (Single elimination, double elimination, round robin, etc.)
[[Single-elimination tournament]]
current_stadium Type the name of the stadium or field where the tournament is currently being played. (or, was last played at)
[[Georgia Dome]]
current_location Type the name of the location where the tournament is currently played.
[[Atlanta, Georgia]]
years List the years the tournament has been played.
{{ubl|1933 — 1952|1979 — present}}
most_recent List the most recent contest played.
[[2008 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament]]
current_champion_label Optional label for the most recent winner. Default is "Current champion".
current_champion The most recent winner.
[[Georgia Bulldogs basketball|Georgia Bulldogs]]
most_championships The team with the most championships. (NOTE: You may change this field name to most_champion_games to change the display of the descriptive text from Most Championships to Most Championship Games Won, which would be more descriptive if you fear confusion with championships declared prior to the introduction of a championship game, usually pertaining to football)
[[Kentucky Wildcats basketball|Kentucky Wildcats]] (25)
trophy If a trophy is awarded to the team who wins the championship game, put the name of the trophy here.
[[Mason Cup]]
television List the television broadcaster(s) here.
[[ESPN2]], [[CBS Sports]]
website Website, if there is one, for the tournament. [http://www.secsports.com/index.php?url_channel_id=3&change_well_id=1 SECSports.com Men's Basketball]
sponsors List the current and former sponsors of the tournament. (years in parentheses if they have changed over time)
all_stadiums Type the name of all other stadiums or fields which have played host to the tournament. (if more than just current)
* [[Gaylord Entertainment Center]] (2001, 2006)
* [[Orlando Arena]] (1990)
* [[Louisville Gardens]] (1941-1952)
* etc.
all_locations Type the name of the locations which have played host to the tournament.
* [[Nashville, Tennessee]] (2001, 2006)
* [[Orlando, Florida]] (1990)
* [[Louisville, Kentucky]] (1941-1952)
* etc.
Required field


{{Infobox NCAA conference tournament
| name               = SEC Men's Basketball Tournament
| optional_subheader = Championship conference basketball tournament
| defunct            = 
| image              = [[File:Bad Title Example.png|200px]]
| caption            = SEC Men's Basketball tournament logo
| sport              = [[Basketball]]
| conference         = [[Southeastern Conference]]
| number_of_teams    = 12
| format             = [[Single-elimination tournament]]
| current_stadium    = [[Georgia Dome]]
| current_location   = [[Atlanta, Georgia]]
| years              = 1933-1952, 1979-present
| most_recent        = [[2008 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament|2008 Tournament]]
| current_champion   = [[Georgia Bulldogs basketball|Georgia Bulldogs]]
| most_championships = [[Kentucky Wildcats basketball|Kentucky Wildcats]] (25)
| trophy             = [[Mason Cup]] <!-- Hockey trophy; Just using for example -->
| television         = [[ESPN2]], [[CBS Sports]]
| website            = [http://www.secsports.com/index.php?url_channel_id=3&change_well_id=1 SECSports.com Men's Basketball]
| sponsors           = 
| all_stadiums       = {{plainlist|
*[[Gaylord Entertainment Center]] (2001, 2006)
* [[Orlando Arena]] (1990)
* [[Louisville Gardens]] (1941-1952)
* etc...
| all_locations      = {{plainlist|
* [[Nashville, Tennessee]] (2001, 2006)
* [[Orlando, Florida]] (1990)
* [[Louisville, Kentucky]] (1941-1952)
* etc...

Would yield the following:

SEC Men's Basketball Tournament
Championship conference basketball tournament
Bad Title Example.png
SEC Men's Basketball tournament logo
Sport Basketball
Conference Southeastern Conference
Number of teams 12
Format Single-elimination tournament
Current stadium Georgia Dome
Current location Atlanta, Georgia
Played 1933-1952, 1979-present
Last contest 2008 Tournament
Current champion Georgia Bulldogs
Most championships Kentucky Wildcats (25)
Winner trophy Mason Cup
TV partner(s) ESPN2, CBS Sports
Official website SECSports.com Men's Basketball
Host stadiums
Host locations