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Parameters and usage[edit]

Parameter Usage
name The name of the character
image An image to show what the character looks like
image_size The size of the image (in pixels).
Series The first series he/she premiered in
Title The title of the character, such as Ranger designation
Color The color(s) of the Ranger
First appearance The episode the character first appeared in
Last appearance The episode the character last appeared in
Status Status of the character
Homeworld The homeworld of the character
Zords The Zords the character has (if any)
Portrayed by The actor that portrays the character

Copy and paste[edit]

Here is the code you can copy and paste

{{Template:Infobox Power Rangers character 
|name =
|image =
|image_size =
|Series = 
|Title =
|Color =
|First appearance =
|Last appearance =
|Status =
|Homeworld = 
|Zords =  
|Portrayed by =