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Infobox Transformers character
Transformers character
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This template can be used to provide at-a-glance comparative information for Transformers characters.


{{Infobox Transformers character
| name           = 
| image          = 
| caption        = 
| affiliation    = 
| japanname      = 
| katakana       = 
| romaji         = 
| subgroup       = 
| function       = 
| motto          = 
| alternatemodes = 
| series         = 
| engvoice       = 
| japanvoice     = 


All parameters are optional.

if Autobot or Decepticon is added then the character's name will appear on a red (for autobot) or purple (for decepticon) background. If neither Autobot or Decepticon are input into this field, it will default to a black background.


Optimus Prime
Transformers character
Optimus Prime
Voiced by (English) Peter Cullen
Voiced by (Japanese) Tesshō Genda (Japanese)
Affiliation Autobot
Japanese name ConvoyKonboi (コンボイ)
Sub-group Convoys, Powermaster, Action Master
Function Autobot Leader
Motto Freedom is the right of all sentient beings
Alternate modes Late 1970s Freightliner 18-wheeled tractor-trailer (G1)