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Martial art {{{martial_art}}}
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{{Infobox martial art form 
| name          = 
| other_names   = 
| image         = 
| imagesize     = 
| caption       = 
| martial_art   = 
| origin        = 
| creator       = 
| creation_date = 

Fields included:

  • name, the first known name of the form (the same as the article title) - required
  • other_names, other names the form is known by
  • image, an image representative of the form (placed using the syntax "imagename.ext")
  • imagesize, the size of the image (if no value is placed, 200px is used)
  • caption, a caption to be used with the image
  • martial_art, the name of the martial art(s) that practice this form (not specific schools or styles) - required
  • origin, the location of origin, preceded by the country's flag, using {{flagicon}} (include city if known)
  • creator, the person who created the form
  • creation_date, approximate date the form was created

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