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Chinese name
Chinese c
Traditional Chinese t
Simplified Chinese s
Korean name
Hangul hangul
Hanja hanja
Japanese name
Kanji kanji
Hiragana hiragana
Kyūjitai kyujitai
Shinjitai shinjitai


Use this template for foreign language terms used in martial arts, including names of martial arts principles and techniques. This template should not be used for proper names.

{{infobox martial art term
| title     = 
| pic       = 
| picsize   = 
| piccap    = 
| media     = 
| caption   = 
| c         = 
| t         = 
| s         = 
| p         = 
| w         = 
| j         = 
| y         = 
| kanji     = 
| shinjitai = 
| kyujitai  = 
| hiragana  = 
| revhep    = 
| tradhep   = 
| kunrei    = 
| nihon     = 
| hangul    = 
| hanja     = 
| rr        = 
| mr        = 

Parameter descriptions[edit]

  • title The martial arts term, defaults to the title of the article. Use when different from the title of the article, such as when the article title uses a parenthetical disambiguator.
  • pic A picture illustrating the term or technique, "Image:" is not necessary
  • picsize The size of picture, do not use unless necessary, default is 200px.
  • piccap A caption for the picture.
  • media an alternative way to add an image or video file; this time, [[file:]] and size / other options are required.
  • caption a caption to match "media"
  • c Chinese characters for the term (use when "t" and "s" parameters are the same).
  • t Traditional Chinese characters.
  • s Simplified Chinese characters.
  • p Hanyu-Pinyin transliteration of the Mandarin.
  • w Wade–Giles transliteration of the Mandarin.
  • j Jyutping transliteration of the Cantonese.
  • y Yale transliteration of the Cantonese.
  • kanji Use when shinjitai and kyujitai are the same.
  • shinjitai Use when shinjitai and kyujitai are different.
  • kyujitai Use when shinjitai and kyujitai are different.
  • hiragana Japanese phonetic writing.
  • revhep Transliteration using Revised Hepburn romanization.
  • tradhep Using Traditional Hepburn romanization (when different).
  • kunrei Using Kunrei-shiki romanization (when different).
  • nihon Using Nihon-shiki romanization (when different).
  • hangul Korean phonetic writing.
  • hanja Korean hanja.
  • rr Transliteration using Revised Romanization.
  • mr Using McCune–Reischauer romanization.

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