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Years active{{{years_active}}}
Founded by{{{founders}}}
Organised by{{{organised}}}
{{Infobox music festival
| name         = 
| image        = 
| image_size   = 
| alt          = 
| caption      = 
| genre        = 
| dates        = 
| location     = 
| coordinates  = 
| years_active = 
| founders     = 
| organised    = <!-- "organized=" also works -->
| attendance   = 
| capacity     = 
| website      = 



Separate multiple values using commas, {{flatlist}} or {{hlist}}.[1].


For "United States" and "United Kingdom", it is preferred that they be abbreviated "U.S." and "UK", but political subdivisions should never be (never "MA" for "Massachusetts", "ON" for "Ontario", etc.). See Notes[2] for details.


Best Fest
Example image not be used in article namespace.jpg
Best Fest logo 2010
GenreRock, pop, EDM
Location(s)Area, Country
Years active2000–present
Founded byJohn Doe
Organised byDoe Inc.
{{Infobox music festival
| name         = Best Fest
| image        = Example.jpg
| caption      = Best Fest logo 2010
| genre        = [[Rock music|Rock]], [[Pop music|pop]], [[Electronic dance music|EDM]]
| dates        = June/July
| location     = [[Area]], Country
| years_active = 2000–present
| founders     = [[John Doe]]
| organised    = Doe Inc.
| website      = {{URL|}}

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  1. ^ For short horizontal lists of two or three items, comma separators are acceptable, but for longer lists the use of {{flatlist}} or {{hlist}} is preferred as they offer a benefit to users of screen readers. Vertical lists should always be implemented by {{plainlist}} or {{ubl}} and never by <br /> tags for reasons of accessibility.
  2. ^ As per RfC "Naming countries in infoboxes": When identifying a location, city or region in the United States or United Kingdom, the preferred approach is to use the country abbreviations allowed by MOS:ACRO, such as "Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S." and "Cardiff, Wales, UK", rather than spelling out the full country name. Avoid using abbreviations for states or provinces in all nations. New Hampshire rather than NH, New South Wales rather than NSW, or British Columbia rather than BC (see MOS:POSTABBR). Cities such as New York City and London may be rendered as "New York City, U.S." and "London, UK" or simply "New York City" and "London". Also, these should not be linked when the context makes it clear (see MOS:OVERLINK). If only the country name is included, it may be written out in full.