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Infobox protein
Symbol ?
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To use this template, copy the following text and paste it at the top of your article. Fill in as many fields as possible, but don't worry if some information is missing. For an example of a filled-out template, see Chymotrypsin.

{{Infobox protein
| name = 
| AltNames =
| image = 
| width = 
| caption = 
| Symbol = 
| AltSymbols =
| IUPHAR_id = 
| ATC_prefix = 
| ATC_suffix = 
| ATC_supplemental = 
| CAS_number = 
| CAS_supplemental = 
| DrugBank = 
| EntrezGene = 
| HGNCid = 
| OMIM = 
| PDB = 
| RefSeq = 
| UniProt = 
| EC_number = 
| Chromosome = 
| Arm = 
| Band = 
| LocusSupplementaryData = 

Parameter explanations

name, AltNames
This field lists the accepted name for this protein, ideally from UniProt (the universal protein resource) (see UniProt).
This field specifies an image file that displays a two-dimensional view of the three-dimensional structure, typically created from a PDB file. If an image is specified, then the caption parameter should be used to specify the structure used to generate the image, preferably using the {{PDB2}} template. In addition, if an image is specified, then the display width in pixels can optionally be specified (default = 220px).
Symbol, AltSymbols
if a human protein, the Human Genome Organisation approved symbol (see HUGO)
optional boolean for human proteins, if set to "yes", then the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology approved symbol is displayed with a link to the IUPHAR database (see IUPHAR)
This field list the CAS registry number, a unique chemical numerical identifier.
This field lists the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee numeric registration number (see HUGO)
This field lists the Mendelian Inheritance in Man database numeric registration number (OMIM)
This field lists the HomoloGene database numeric registration number (HomoloGene)
This field list the Protein Data Bank accession number (see PDB)
Reference Sequence accession number (see RefSeq)
UniProt (the universal protein resource) accession number (see UniProt).
This field lists the EC number which is numerical classification scheme for enzymes developed by the IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature authority (see IUBMB). ECnumber is accepted as an alternative parameter-name for this field.


The following filled in protein infobox template produces the information box to the right.

chymotrypsinogen B1
Symbol CTRB1
Alt. symbols CTRB
Entrez 1504
HUGO 2521
OMIM 118890
Orthologs 1504
PDB 2jet
RefSeq NM_001906
UniProt P17538
Other data
EC number
Locus Chr. 16 q23.1
{{Infobox protein
| Name = chymotrypsinogen B1
| caption = 
| image = 
| width = 150 px
| HGNCid = 2521
| Symbol = CTRB1
| AltSymbols = CTRB
| EntrezGene = 1504
| OMIM = 118890
| HomoloGene = 1504
| RefSeq = NM_001906
| UniProt = P17538
| PDB = 
| EC_number =
| Chromosome = 16
| Arm = q
| Band = 23.1
| LocusSupplementaryData = 

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