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Conservation status Extinct
Other names {{{alt_name}}}
Nicknames {{{nickname}}}
Country of origin {{{country}}}
Distribution {{{distribution}}}
Standard {{{standard}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Use {{{use}}}
Weight Male: {{{male_weight}}}
  Female: {{{female_weight}}}
Height Male: {{{male_height}}}
  Female: {{{female_height}}}
Skin color {{{skin_color}}}
Egg color {{{egg_color}}}
Comb type {{{comb}}}
Crest type {{{crest}}}
Feather ornamentation {{{feather}}}
Coat {{{coat}}}
Wool color {{{wool_color}}}
Face color {{{face_color}}}
Horn status {{{horn}}}
Color {{{color}}}
Litter size {{{litter_size}}}
Lifespan {{{life_span}}}
Fur type {{{fur_type}}}
Distinguishing features {{{features}}}
{{{trait_label}}} {{{trait_data}}}
{{{trait1_label}}} {{{trait1_data}}}
{{{trait2_label}}} {{{trait2_data}}}
{{{trait3_label}}} {{{trait3_data}}}
{{{trait4_label}}} {{{trait4_data}}}
{{{classification_label}}} {{{classification_data}}}
{{{classification1_label}}} {{{classification1_data}}}
{{{classification2_label}}} {{{classification2_data}}}
{{{classification3_label}}} {{{classification3_data}}}
{{{classification4_label}}} {{{classification4_data}}}
{{{classification5_label}}} {{{classification5_data}}}
{{{classification6_label}}} {{{classification6_data}}}
{{{classification7_label}}} {{{classification7_data}}}
{{{classification8_label}}} {{{classification8_data}}}
{{Infobox animal breed
|name                  = 
|image                 = 
|image_size            = 
|alt                   = 
|caption               = 
|status                = 
|alt_name              = 
|nickname              = 
|country               = 
|distribution          = 
|standard              = 
|use                   = 
|male_weight           = 
|female_weight         = 
|male_height           = 
|female_height         = 
|skin_color            = 
|egg_color             = 
|comb                  = 
|crest                 = 
|feather               = 
|coat                  = 
|type                  = 
|wool_color            = 
|face_color            = 
|horn                  = 
|color                 = 
|litter_size           = 
|life_span             = 
|fur_type              = 
|features              = 
|trait_label           = 
|trait_data            = 
|trait1_label          = 
|trait1_data           = <!-- etc, up to trait4_label / trait4_data -->
|classification_label  = 
|classification_data   = 
|classification1_label = 
|classification1_data  = <!-- etc, up to classification8_label / classification8_data -->
|notes                 = 
|vernacular_name       = 
|binominal_name        = 
|trinominal_name       = 


This template emits a "species" (or "biota") microformat.

The microformat is created by the use of class="biota", and classes for individual taxonomic ranks, such as class="domain" in a span around {{{domain}}} (full list). Please do not change or remove those classes other than as part of development of the microformat. For background information, see microformats on Wikipedia and the microformat specification.