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This infobox is for use on articles about individual roller derby leagues. It provides a place to put the league's logo and its most basic information.


Code you can copy and paste into league articles:

[[File:{{{logo}}}|{{{pixels}}}|alt=League logo|League logo]]
Coordinates {{{geolocate}}}
Metro area {{{metro area}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Teams {{{teams}}}
Track type(s) {{{tracks}}}
Venue {{{venue}}}
Affiliations {{{affiliations}}}
Org. type {{{orgtype}}}
Coach {{{coach}}}
Website {{{url}}}
{{Infobox roller derby league
| name         = 
| founded      = 
| dissolved    = 
| geolocate    = 
| metro area   = 
| country      = 
| logo         = 
| teams        = 
| tracks       = 
| venue        = 
| affiliations = 
| orgtype      = 
| url          = 

Do not wikilink any parameter values except url.


  • name (required) - The name of the league, e.g. Gotham Girls Roller Derby
  • founded (optional) - The date the league was founded; the year, or the month and year; e.g. January 2006
  • dissolved (optional) - The date the league dissolved; same format as the 'founded' field
  • metro area (optional) - The metro area or region the league considers its "home" for public matches
  • country (optional) - The country in which the league is based
  • logo (optional) - The name of a league's logo image file that was uploaded to Wikipedia, without the 'File:' prefix; e.g. Ggrd logo large.jpg
  • teams (optional) - The league's teams that skate in public matches; separate them with <br> tags to create line breaks, and indicate which ones are travel teams; e.g. Brooklyn Bombshells<br>Manhattan Mayhem<br>Queens of Pain<br>Bronx Gridlock<br>Gotham Girls All-Stars (travel)<br>Wall Street Traitors (travel)<br>Meat Packing District (travel)
  • tracks (optional) - The type(s) of tracks skated on in public matches; e.g. Flat or Banked or Flat and banked
  • venue (optional) - The venue where home bouts are held.
  • affiliations (optional) - Organizations that the league is a member of; if more than one, separate them with <br> tags; e.g. WFTDA<br>USARS or none
  • orgtype (optional) - The type of business structure; e.g. LLC or NPO or unincorporated or unknown. For LLC, try to indicate whether it's manager-managed or member-managed. For NPO, try to indicate if it has 501(c)(3) status.
  • url (optional) - Exactly one non-MySpace, non-blog WWW address; must be manually linked; recommended format: [actualURL shortdomain]; e.g. []

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