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[[File:{{{coat of arms}}}|{{{image_size}}}|alt={{{alt}}}|upright=0.5|{{{alt}}}]]
Country {{{country}}}
Estates {{{estates}}}
Parent house {{{parent house}}}
Titles {{{titles}}}
Style(s) {{{styles}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
Founder {{{founder}}}
Final ruler {{{final ruler}}}
Current head {{{current head}}}
Dissolution {{{dissolution}}}
Deposition {{{deposition}}}
Ethnicity {{{ethnicity}}}
Cadet branches {{{cadet branches}}}
{{Infobox royal house
|surname          = 
|native_name      = 
|native_name_lang = 
|other_name       = 
|coat of arms     = 
|image_size       = 
|alt              = 
|caption          = 
|type             = <!-- Royal house, noble house, etc. -->
|country          = 
|estates          = 
|parent house     = 
|titles           = 
|styles           = 
|founded          = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY}} -->
|founder          = 
|final ruler      = 
|current head     = 
|dissolution      = <!-- {{End date|YYYY}} -->
|deposition       = 
|ethnicity        = 
|cadet branches   = 
|notes            = 


The HTML mark-up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat that makes an organization's details readily parsable by computer programs. This aids tasks such as the cataloguing of articles and maintenance of databases. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please visit the Microformat WikiProject.
  • Use {{start date}} for the date on which an organisation was "established", "founded", "opened" or otherwise started, unless that date is before 1583 CE.
  • Use {{URL}} for an organisation's URL.
  • Use {{coord}} for coordinates associated with the organisation (e.g. the location of its headquarters). A Geo microformat will then make these coordinates parsable, e.g. for use in online mapping, downloading to a GPS unit, etc.

Please do not remove instances of these subtemplates.

Classes used

The HTML classes this microformat uses include:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • country-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • geo
  • label
  • latitude
  • locality
  • longitude
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • url
  • vcard
Please do not rename or remove these classes
nor collapse nested elements which use them.

Separate multiple values using {{Plainlist}}.

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See also[edit]