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Copy and paste the following code below:

System information
Maintained by {{{maint}}}
Formed: {{{formed}}}
Notes: {{{notes}}}
Interstates: {{{interstate}}}
US Highways: {{{us}}}
State: {{{state}}}
{{{label1}}} {{{field1}}}
{{{label2}}} {{{field2}}}
{{{label3}}} {{{field3}}}
{{{label4}}} {{{field4}}}
{{{label5}}} {{{field5}}}
{{{label6}}} {{{field6}}}
System links
{{infobox state highway system

Then fill in the fields as follows:

  • title: This is the (official) title of the system
  • shields: Put the shields the state uses here.
  • caption: This is the shields' description.
  • map: Put a map of the state here.
  • map_notes: This is the map's description.
  • map_alt: This is the map's alt text.
  • maint: This is the agency or agencies that maintain the system.
  • formed: This is the date of the system's formation (Alternate parameter: formed)
  • length_mi: or length_km: This is the length of the system. length_ref is used for the reference for this piece of information, and the template converts the given length into both systems of measurement.
    • length_notes, if defined, appears as a note below the length. This can be used to show former length, or future length, etc.
  • interstate: This is usually "Interstate X (I-X)", but it can also be "Route X", etc.
  • us: This is usually "U.S. Route X (US X)", but it can also be "Route X", etc.
  • state: This is what the state calls its state highways.
  • notes: Additional information about the state highway system.
  • links: Optional. Adds links to state highway system (|links=state abbreviation); for Canada, use the provincial abbreviation; for certain US national networks, use I, US, NHS, or BL/BS as appropriate
    • type: Optional. Customizes the links displayed for some states based on roadway type.
    • county: Optional. Customized the links displayed for some states based on county, for county roads.
  • field1–6 Optional. Allows up to six additional types of highways to be added to the list.
  • label1–6 Required only if using field1–6. Adds a label for the field1–6 lines.

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