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Color coding[edit]

Half-life color coding in {{Iso1}}
see also: title (mousehover text)
by letter code
example: Gd
- 145Gd < 1 day
V 146Gd 1–10 days
I 149Gd 10–100 days
B 153Gd 100 days–10 a
G 148Gd 10–10,000 a
Y 150Gd 10 ka–103 Ma
O 152Gd > 700 Ma
R 158Gd Stable
Used in:
by number code
0      1–10 years
1 10–100 years
2 100–1k years
3 1k–10k years
4 10k–100k years
5 100k–1M years
6 1M–10M years
7 10M–103M years
8 103M–700M years
9 700M–14G years
Used in:

Drip lines[edit]

Wherever you want to add the proton or neutron drip line to the chart, add the option |drip= with one of the values t (top), r (right), tr (top-right), tl (top-left), trb (top-right-bottom), tb (top-bottom), tlr (top-left-right), b (bottom), l (left), bl (bottom-left), br (bottom-right), blr (bottom-left-right), lr (left-right), or tlb (top-left-bottom) to the cell template Iso1 or Iso2, as demonstrated in the example below. To avoid confusion, only specify drip lines from inner cells.



Or in empty cells: {{Iso1|drip=bl}}


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