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Criteria for inclusion of names and article links on this template[edit]

  • Articles written about the activities of Jack Abramoff.
  • Articles on individuals and organizations, whose primary notability is based on their involvement with Jack Abramoff, (e.g. SunCruz Casinos, Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis).
  • Articles on individuals and organizations, who have been named or have acknowledged being indirectly named in court documents, on the indictments of Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon or who have been indicted in other documents, due to their involvement with Abramoff, (e.g. Bob Ney, David Safavian).
  • Articles on prominent individuals, who had heavy involvement in Abramoff's activities, but have not been charged, (e.g. Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed).
  • Please discuss any additions or deletions from the template on the talk page before taking action, as edits affect multiple articles at once.


The parameter subcat can be passed to this template in order to correctly categorize articles transcluding this template. Valid values so far are "people", which will result in Category:People associated with the Jack Abramoff scandals being applied to the page, and "organizations", which will result Category:Organizations of the Jack Abramoff scandals being applied. If the parameter is not passed, the default Category:Jack Abramoff scandals will be applied to the page.

Sample: {{Jack Abramoff|subcat=people}}