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This is a template where everything regarding Japanese club football is drawn together: various league and cup seasons and participating clubs.

There is a parameter named "group" which allows specific group to appear uncollapsed when you open the template. This makes navigation easier. For example, if you are in some of Japan Soccer League seasons, you might want to see the other first-tier seasons in the first place. To do so, insert the template as follows: {{Japanese Club Football|group=first}} and you will receive:

The full list of parameter values:

  • first — for everything related to first-tier football seasons: Japan Soccer League, J.League Division 1, J1 League, list of champions and so on;
  • second — for second-tier football, at the moment it's just J.League Division 2, J2 League, former JFL and list of champions because Japan Soccer League Division 2 seasons don't have separate articles yet;
  • third – third-tier football which is J3 League;
  • fourth – fourth-tier football as the modern JFL;
  • regional – the Regional Leagues seasons. It is not named "fourth" because Regional Leagues were at the different levels of Japanese football pyramid throughout their existence;
  • emperorscup – Emperor's Cup seasons;
  • leaguecup – JSL and J.League Cups' seasons;
  • clubs – the list of clubs;

The clubs are shown as per current season; the order is traditional for Japanese football north-to-south according to their geographical location. You may check the locations on {{Japan football clubs map 2011}}.

"Defunct clubs" include those who competed in the top three national tiers only. Relegated clubs who currently compete in the Regional Leagues or below are not included.