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Use this template to mark articles that have been the site of conflict (primarily but not exclusively POV issues) between Jewish and Messianic editors. As this is not a transitory marker in the vein of {{POV-check}}, it will allow these groups to maintain a record of previous discussions, which can then be used in the future to work toward greater understanding together.


There are two parameters: date and where. The date can be any reasonably formatted date, and where should be "discussion" or "comments". The former should indicate the beginning of an incident. The latter is used to indicate where the conflict occurred: whether there was discussion (in a Talk or Wikipedia namespace), or if it was a revert war. You can use this multiple times on the same talk page, say, with different dates. The following are all valid examples:

{{Jew-MJ dispute}}
{{Jew-MJ dispute|date=April 2007}}
{{Jew-MJ dispute|where=discussion}}
{{Jew-MJ dispute|date=2007-04-12|where=comments}}

This template adds categories that are Wikipedia self-references and therefore is for use on Talk/Wikipedia namespace pages only. If the dispute was a revert war, add this template to the talk page of the article in question.

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