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Cologne–Troisdorf section
From Bonn, Aachen S 12S 13S 19
      and Neuss S 6S 11
Cologne Hbf
Cologne Messe/Deutz
from Köln-Mülheim
line to Köln-Mülheim S 6S 11
Köln Posthof junction
S-Bahn line to Köln-Mülheim
1.2 Köln Gummersbacher Str. junction
Köln Trimbornstraße
freight line
Freight railway from the south bridge
2.2 Köln-Kalk
Freight line to Köln-Kalk Nord
Gremberg–Köln-Kalk North freight railway
Connecting line from Köln-Kalk North
3.9 Vingst junction
Airport NE junction: Agger Valley Railway,
      Cologne/Bonn Airport loop S 13S 19
Köln Flughafen NW junction
      Airport loop (long distance)
Cologne Airport Businesspark
Köln Steinstr.
Freight railway from the south bridge
7.8 Köln Steinstr. junction (start of HSL)
Gremberg Süd junction
Freight line from Gremberg
9.6 Köln-Porz Hp
9.6 Köln-Porz
Airport Loop (long distance)
Airport Loop (S-Bahn) S 13S 19
12.4 Porz-Wahn
Porz-Wahn south junction
A 59
16.9 Spich
Troisdorf Tunnel (627 m)
18.0 Troisdorf Vorbf
Troisdorf north junction
19.7 Troisdorf, terminus of S 13

This is a route-map template for a German railway.

Main article[edit]

This template covers the line from Köln Hauptbahnhof or Köln Messe/Deutz station to Troisdorf station.

This template is designed for Sieg Railway, East Rhine Railway and Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed rail line.


This template accepts a parameter. This may take three different values:

Default formatting for Sieg Railway
Additional mileage for East Rhine Railway
Additional mileage for Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed rail line