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Originally, build to suit article Kennedy family. There is also an image available.


The template uses {{Chart}}.

The seven colors are chosen to have H-S-V pattern H-24-230 (per 1/240; H=0, 35, 70 ...). H=35 (yellowish, #f4f1dc) has been changed for being too light.

An image of the tree[edit]

Kennedy family tree.png
from Template:Kennedy family tree/image version
into Image:Kennedy family tree.png

The image is a screenprint from the family tree template. However, the template needs some cleanup to make a good picture. First full template code is copied into the separate dedicated page. Code is stripped of unwanted code as references, scrollbar, all wikilinks. Also some formatting changes are made (background color, title font-size). The difference is shown here.

This prepared page {{Kennedy family tree/image version}} is transcluded into some sandbox page, and then the screenshot is made (png). The png file is uploaded as the image (the file at the commons wiki).

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