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For use with Template:S-line in Los Angeles County Metro Rail articles.

This template can also be used to call the color of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) lines.

In order to call a line's color, the code #{{LACMTA color|name}} is used (where name is replaced by the actual route name or color). Note that this template is not case sensitive: i.e. {{LACMTA color|Red}} produces the same result as {{LACMTA color|red}}.

{{LACMTA color|Orange}} Sample:   f47920 Orange Line
{{LACMTA color|Red}} Sample:   ed1c24 Red Line
{{LACMTA color|Purple}} Sample:   a05da5 Purple Line
{{LACMTA color|Blue}} Sample:   0072bc Blue Line
{{LACMTA color|Expo}} Sample:   00a5db Expo Line
{{LACMTA color|Green}} Sample:   6dc067 Green Line
{{LACMTA color|Gold}} Sample:   fdb913 Gold Line
{{LACMTA color|Crenshaw}} Sample:   7d7439 Crenshaw/LAX Line
{{LACMTA color|Regional}} Sample:   604020 Regional Connector (multi-line)
{{LACMTA color|Silver}} Sample:   dddddd Silver Line

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