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Using this template {{LORD}} gives "LORD", the standard translation with small capitals for the Hebrew name for God (the Tetragrammaton, יהוה), transliterated as YHWH) or Jehovah (English pronunciation), as it is translated in the King James Bible and other English Bibles: the LORD. This name is a rendering of the distinctive personal name of the God of Israel.

The all caps or small caps writing differentiate this from "Lord" in normal type, which is the standard translation for the Hebrew epithet אדני (transliterated Adonai), meaning "Lord". This word may be used in reference to historical figures or to God, in the construction ""Lord GOD" (coded as Lord {{LORD|G|OD}}, or Lord {{GOD}} using a variant of this template; both cases are detailed below). [The usage "{{LORD}} {{LORD|G|OD}}" or "{{LORD}} {{GOD}}", to produce "LORD GOD", is incorrect, because in that construction only GOD represents the Tetragrammaton, and "Lord" here is a translation of Adonai.


This template accepts two unnamed parameters in the order in which they appear (or they may be explicitly numbered), to support non-English input for other languages that also handle the Tetragrammaton this way:

  • |1=X – the first letter (given in uppercase)
  • |2=YYY – the other letters (given in uppercase)

German examples (which would normally be in a German passage wrapped with {{lang|de}} or {{lang-de}}):

  • {{LORD|H|ERR}} → HERR
  • {{LORD|1=H|2=ERR}} → HERR

A special instance of this template exists at {{GOD}}, and consists of the code {{LORD|G|OD}}.


The template uses the spelling "LORD", presented in customized small capitals. The style remains full capitals when the text is copy-pasted (unless into an application that accepts pasted style), and when it is displayed in degraded form in a non-CSS, text-only, or crude mobile browser, and when it is displayed as a text snippet in some search-engines' results page. In such cases, the word shows as "LORD" in full capitals.

If it is desired that the copy-pasted result be "Lord", then the {{Smallcaps}} template should be used instead: {{Smallcaps|Lord}}Lord.

See also

  • {{GOD}}, displays "GOD" for the special case translation of "YHWH"
  • {{G-d}}, for substitution: displays "God" for those whose religious convictions prevent them from typing that string
  • {{smallcaps}}, displays any text in case-preserving small caps