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Data for lists and infobox for Delbert L. Stapley

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{{ {{{format}}}
 | name                       = Delbert L. Stapley
 | PD_image                   = Delbert L Stapley.JPG
 | birth_name                 = Delbert Leon Stapley
 | birth_date                 = {{birth date|1896|12|11}}
 | birth_place                = [[Mesa, Arizona|Mesa]], [[Arizona Territory]], United States
 | death_date                 = {{death date and age|1978|08|19|1896|12|11}}
 | death_place                = [[Salt Lake City]], [[Utah]], United States
 | portals                    = LDS
 | position_or_quorum1        = [[Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (LDS Church)|Quorum of the Twelve Apostles]]
 | president1                 = [[George Albert Smith]]
 | start_date1                = {{start date|1950|10|5}}
 | end_date1                  = {{end date|1978|08|19}}
 | position_or_quorum2        = [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints|LDS Church]] [[Apostle (Latter Day Saints)|Apostle]]
 | president2                 = [[George Albert Smith]]
 | start_date2                = {{start date|1950|10|05}}
 | ordination_reason2         = Death of [[George F. Richards]]
 | end_date2                  = {{end date|1978|08|19}}
 | reorganization2            = [[James E. Faust]] ordained
 | list_notes                 = As a youth, he rejected a chance at playing [[Major League Baseball]] so he could serve a [[Missionary (LDS Church)|mission]] in the southern United States.