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Data for lists and infobox for Willard Richards

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{{ {{{format}}}
 | name                       = Willard Richards
 | PD_image                   = Willardrichards.gif
 | birth_date                 = {{birth date|1804|06|24}}
 | birth_place                = [[Hopkinton, Massachusetts|Hopkinton]], [[Massachusetts]], United States
 | death_date                 = {{death date and age|1854|03|11|1804|06|24}}
 | death_place                = [[Salt Lake City]], [[Utah Territory]], United States
 | resting_place              = [[Salt Lake City Cemetery]]
 | resting_place_coordinates  = {{Coord|40.777|-111.858|type:landmark|display=inline|name=Salt Lake City Cemetery}}
 | spouse                     = 14
 | children                   = 
 | parents                    = Joseph and Rhoda Howe Richards
 | signature                  = Willard Richards signature.jpg
 | signature_alt              = Signature of Willard Richards
 | findagrave                 = 6279203
 | position_or_quorum1        = Second Counselor in the [[First Presidency (LDS Church)|First Presidency]]
 | called_by1                 = [[Brigham Young]]
 | predecessor1               = [[William Law (Latter Day Saints)|William Law]]
 | successor1                 = [[Jedediah M. Grant]]
 | start_date1                = {{start date|1847|12|27}}
 | end_date1                  = {{end date|1854|03|11}}
 | position_or_quorum2        = [[Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (LDS Church)|Quorum of the Twelve Apostles]]
 | called_by2                 = [[Joseph Smith]]
 | start_date2                = {{start date|1840|04|14}}
 | end_date2                  = {{end date|1847|12|27}}
 | end_reason2                = Called as Second Counselor in the [[First Presidency (LDS Church)|First Presidency]]
 | position_or_quorum3        = [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints|LDS Church]] [[Apostle (Latter Day Saints)|Apostle]]
 | called_by3                 = [[Joseph Smith]]
 | start_date3                = {{start date|1840|04|14}}
 | ordination_reason3         = Replenishing Quorum of the Twelve<ref>The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles had not had twelve members since September 3, 1837, when [[Luke S. Johnson]], [[John F. Boynton]], and [[Lyman E. Johnson]] were disfellowshipped and removed from the Quorum. Since that time, [[William E. McLellin]] and [[Thomas B. Marsh]] had been excommunicated and removed from the Quorum; [[David W. Patten]] had been killed; and [[John Taylor (Latter Day Saints)|John Taylor]], [[John E. Page]], [[Wilford Woodruff]], and [[George A. Smith]] had been added to the Quorum. Richards's addition to the Quorum brought the membership in the Quorum of the Twelve to eleven members.</ref>
 | end_date3                  = {{end date|1854|03|11}}
 | reorganization3            = [[Jedediah M. Grant]] ordained and added to [[First Presidency (LDS Church)|First Presidency]]
 | list_notes                 = Richards was incarcerated in [[Carthage Jail]] with Joseph Smith, [[Hyrum Smith]] and [[John Taylor (Mormon)|John Taylor]] on June 27, 1844, when the jail was attacked by a mob and the Smith brothers were murdered.
 | poly_date                  = January 18, 1843<ref name="Nauvoo Roots">{{harvnb|Smith|1994|p=16}}</ref>
 | poly_wives                 = 14