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Lebanese government of April 2013
Portfolio (Ministry)[1][2] Minister Political affiliation Religious Sect
Independents (8/24)
President Michel Sleiman's Share (3/24)
Deputy Prime Minister
and Defence
Samir Mokbel      Independent Greek Orthodox
Displaced Alice Shabtini      Independent Maronite
Youth and Sports Abdel Mouttaleb Hennaoui      Independent Shia
Prime Minister Tammam Salam's Share (3/24)
Prime Minister Tammam Salam      Independent Sunni
Environment Mohammed Machnouk      Independent Sunni
Social Affairs Rashid Derbass      Independent Sunni
National Struggle Front[citation needed] (2/24)
Public Health Wael Abou Faour      Progressive Socialist Party Druze
Agriculture Akram Chehayeb      Progressive Socialist Party Druze
March 8 Alliance (8/24)
Change and Reform bloc (4/24)
Foreign and Expatriates Gebran Bassil      Free Patriotic Movement Maronite
Education and Higher Learning Elias Abou Saab      Free Patriotic Movement Greek Orthodox
Culture Raymond "Rony" Araiji      Marada Movement Maronite
Energy and Water Arthur Nazarian      Tashnag Armenian Orthodox
Amal Movement (2/24)
Finance Ali Hassan Khalil      Amal Movement Shia
Public Works and Transportation Ghazi Zaiter      Amal Movement Shia
Loyalty to the Resistance bloc (2/24)
Industry Hussein Hajj Hassan      Hezbollah Shia
Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammed Fneish      Hezbollah Shia
March 14 Alliance (8/24)
Future Movement (3/24)
Interior and Municipalities Nouhad Machnouk      Future Movement Sunni
Justice Ashraf Rifi      Future Movement Sunni
Minister of State for Administrative Development Nabil de Freige      Future Movement Latin
Kataeb Party (3/24)
Labour Sejaan Azzi      Kataeb Party Maronite
Information Ramzi Jreij      Kataeb Party Greek Orthodox
Economy and Trade Alain Hakim      Kataeb Party Greek Catholic
Others (2/24)
Tourism Michel Pharaon      Independent Greek Catholic
Telecommunications Boutros Harb      Independent Maronite


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