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Libyan Civil War detailed map is located in Libya
Hold cursor over location to display name; click to go to location row in the "table of cities and towns" (if available).


  • 80x80-lime-black-anim.gif Government of National Accord–ISIL
  • 80x80-red-lime-anim.gif Government of National Accord–Tobruk Government
  • 80x80-lime-green-anim.gif Government of National Accord–National Salvation Government
  • 80x80-red-black-anim.gif Tobruk Government–ISIL

Mixed Control (Stable situation)
Map-ctl2-red+lime.svg Map-ctl2-lime+green.svg Map-ctl2-red+black.svg Map-ctl2-lime+black.svg Map-ctl2-red+yellow.svg

Besieged to one side
Map-arcNN-red.svg Map-arcNN-lime.svg Map-arcNN-green.svg Map-arcNN-black.svg Map-arcNN-yellow.svg Map-arcNE-red.svg Map-arcNE-lime.svg Map-arcNE-green.svg Map-arcNE-black.svg Map-arcNE-yellow.svg Map-arcEE-red.svg Map-arcEE-lime.svg Map-arcEE-green.svg Map-arcEE-black.svg Map-arcEE-yellow.svg Map-arcSE-red.svg Map-arcSE-lime.svg Map-arcSE-green.svg Map-arcSE-black.svg Map-arcSE-yellow.svg Map-arcSS-red.svg Map-arcSS-lime.svg Map-arcSS-green.svg Map-arcSS-black.svg Map-arcSS-yellow.svg Map-arcSW-red.svg Map-arcSW-lime.svg Map-arcSW-green.svg Map-arcSW-black.svg Map-arcSW-yellow.svg Map-arcWW-red.svg Map-arcWW-lime.svg Map-arcWW-green.svg Map-arcWW-black.svg Map-arcWW-yellow.svg Map-arcNW-red.svg Map-arcNW-lime.svg Map-arcNW-green.svg Map-arcNW-black.svg Map-arcNW-yellow.svg

Map-circle-red.svg Map-circle-lime.svg Map-circle-green.svg Map-circle-black.svg Map-circle-yellow.svg


  • Abm-red-icon.png Military base
  • Fighter-jet-red-icon.svg Airport/Airbase (jet)
  • Helicopter-red-icon.svg Airport/Airbase (helicopter)
  • Abm-lime-icon.png Military base
  • Fighter-jet-lime-icon.svg Airport/Airbase (jet)
  • Helicopter-lime-icon.svg Airport/Airbase (helicopter)
  • Anchor pictogram.svg Major port or naval base
  • Mountain pass 12x12 n.svg Border Post
  • Arch dam 12x12 w.svg Dam
  • Gota07.svg Oil fields
  • Icon NuclearPowerPlant-black.svg Industrial complex
  • Map-peak-red.svg Map-peak-lime.svg Strategic peak/hill

Rural presence

2 nested circles: inner controls, outer sieges // 3 nested circles: mixed control with stable situation // Small icons within large circle: situation in individual neighborhoods/districts
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