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Location map of The Gambia
name The Gambia
-17.0 ←↕→ -13.6
map center 13°27′N 15°18′W / 13.45°N 15.3°W / 13.45; -15.3
image Gambia adm location map.svg
Location map Gambia
image1 Gambia rel location map.svg
Location map Gambia
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Map of Gambia

Template:Location map Gambia is a location map definition used to overlay markers and labels on an equirectangular projection map of Gambia. The markers are placed by latitude and longitude coordinates on the default map or a similar map image.


These definitions are used by the following templates when invoked with parameter "Gambia":

Map definition[edit]

  • name = The Gambia
    Name used in the default map caption
  • bottom = 12.6
    Latitude at bottom edge of map, in decimal degrees
  • left = -17.0
    Longitude at left edge of map, in decimal degrees
  • right = -13.6
    Longitude at right edge of map, in decimal degrees

Alternative map

The map defined as image1 (Gambia rel location map.svg) can be displayed by using the relief or AlternativeMap parameters in {{Location map}}, {{Location map many}} and {{Location map+}}. The use of these two parameters is shown in the examples below. Additional examples can be found at:

Examples using location map templates[edit]

Location map, using default map (image)[edit]

Banjul is located in The Gambia
Banjul (The Gambia)
{{Location map | Gambia
| width   = 300
| lat_deg = 13.45
| lon_deg = -16.58
| label   = Banjul

Location map many, using relief map (image1)[edit]

Location map Gambia is located in The Gambia
Basse Santa Su
Basse Santa Su
Two locations in Gambia
{{Location map many | Gambia
| relief   = yes
| width    = 300
| caption  = Two locations in Gambia
| lat1_deg = 13.45
| lon1_deg = -16.58
| label1   = Banjul
| pos1     = top
| lat2_deg = 13.32
| lon2_deg = -14.22
| label2   = Basse Santa Su
| pos2     = bottom

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