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Project MMA barnstar.jpg The MMA Barnstar
I, {{{yourname}}}, hereby award [[User:{{{theirname}}}|{{{theirname}}}]]
the The MMA Barnstar for his/her valued contributions to WikiProject MMA.
Awarded {{{awarded}}}
Template documentation


This WikiProject's award, also known as; The MMA Barnstar is awarded to Wikipedians for their contributions to Wikipedia stuff related to the Mixed Martial Arts. Neither recipients nor presenters need be members of the Wikiproject MMA, but it doesn't hurt to become a member at Wikipedia:WikiProject Mixed martial arts


To use this template, add {{subst:MMA Barnstar|yourname=~~~|theirname=|awarded=~~~~~}} to the talk page of the user you wish to award it to.

  • yourname: your user name, insert with ~~~ (to show your signature)
  • theirname: their user name, insert just their name (no User: prefix)
  • awarded: the date awarded, insert with ~~~~~